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We believe good hair shouldn’t be hard and our team of experienced stylists and colorists are here to help you create the look you want in a fun and welcoming space.  However you express your true colors, we’ve got you covered.  We support everyone in their pursuit to be beautiful, handsome and confident superhumans. 

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Covid 19 Protocol

To help flatten the Covid19 curve, and keep everyone safe, The Attractivators will be making changes to our regular sanitation protocol.  Learn more about our Covid 19 protocol

Green Circle Certified

We work hard to reduce our environmental footprint and are proud to be certified as a Green Circle salon.  Learn more about our sustainability super powers below

green circle


Green Circle Salons is the world’s first sustainable salon solution dedicated to recycling, recovering, and repurposing beauty waste from salons and spas. We help keep people and the planet beautiful.

What sustainability practices do we follow?

The Attractivators recycle up to 95% of all in salon waste. Most salon waste is not accepted in normal recycling facilities due to the chemicals used. Partnering with Green Circle ensures this waste does not end up in landfills or the water ways.

Where does our beauty waste go?

Hair clippings get recycled into bio composite plastic, used for research and development of new environmental technology, made into product to be used for humanitarian efforts, or composted with other organic waste.

Excess hair color gets turned into clean energy by separating it into water and oil. The water is cleaned and returned to the water system and the oil is blended into fuel.

Metals like color tubes, foils, and aerosol cans get sorted by grade and type, melted down into aluminum sheets or bars, and used to make new products.

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however you express

your true colors,

we’ve got you covered.